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Australian Family Court Interest Rates

The interest rates are below. You can also use the Australian Family Court Interest Calculator.

Start End % Rate
01/Jul/2013 31/Dec/2013 8.75
01/Jan/2014 30/Jun/2014 8.5
01/Jul/2014 31/Dec/2014 8.5
01/Jan/2015 30/Jun/2015 8.5
01/Jul/2015 31/Dec/2015 8
01/Jan/2016 30/Jun/2016 8
01/Jul/2016 31/Dec/2016 7.75
01/Jan/2017 30/Jun/2017 7.5
01/Jul/2017 31/Dec/2017 7.5
01/Jan/2018 30/Jun/2018 7.5
01/Jul/2018 31/Dec/2018 7.5
01/Jan/2019 30/Jun/2019 7.5
01/Jul/2019 31/Dec/2019 7.25
01/Jan/2020 30/Jun/2020 6.75
01/Jul/2020 31/Dec/2020 6.25